In a case of that kind, sent to Staraja Russa, there was a mos marked diminution of size after six lacura salt, seven mud and twenty-seven mi.xed baths of salt and pine-ex tract. We "can" have already, in reviewing the former translation, spoken of it as a classic. Mathews lift might have been entirely correct in his original diagnosis, and equally correct in the conclusion which he came to, that there is nothing, perhaps, in a surgical way that gives any hope. I now seldom cut a stricture of large caliber, but do cut all close caliber strictures, and, as before stated, the worse the case the most in certain and permanent the good result. Strict limits should be placed on applicants for where benefit from the Society, and diseases or degrees of severity should bo classified, which would entitle, or otherwise, the sufTerers from them to obtain aid.

As a suggestion, I would say that, if every member of our Association would at once undertake to join, and pay annually a sufficient premium (and it need not be large), why should not our head-office create a new branch in its duties, and undertake the management, and at a minimum of cost to the Society? This would serum greatly simplify matters; and members ill, and wishing to declare on the funds, would only have to obtain, say, a weekly certificate from another member of the Society, and forward it to the head-office in London, in the same way as many of the ordinary club? carry on their work. He earnestly desired, in his cream eailier time in London, to obtain a post at a teaching hospital, but not one of the recognised schools would open a door to liim. If the disease breaks out on a sailing-ship, the captain should steer a sub northerly course. Often there is severe dysmenorrhoea with paroxysms of uterine colic, and in a certain proportion of cases the cessation of the menstrual flow is followed for several days by plasma such acute and persistent pain as to lead to the suspicion of acute inflammatory action going on. Calcium buy oxalate constitutes the' powdered wig deposit' which is sometimes seen on the top of a normal mucous sediment.


We had the patient moved to the Infirmary: she was vomiting, with rapid pulse and high temperature; her abdomen was opened, and we found an immense cyst on one side, and, like the other case reported, a smaller cyst on the opposite side: contour. It was endemic there, but at intervals epidemics broke out, and spread by means of importation from their original centres, causing secondary centres on the nyc borders of the Red Sea, of the Persian Gulf, and of the Caspian Sea. The symptoms which constitute the mental free condition which, when associated with chorea, point to a fatal issue.

Passage, on the dorsal side eye of which the nemal tube opens. In other cases, according to the same authority, the epithelium ingredients assumes a stratified character, and forms several layers. To - in other less fortunate cases, in spite of the improvement in the initial symptoms, the temperature does not fall, the abdominal pains do not disappear, the belly remains sensitive in the right iliac fossa at McBurney's point, palpation is very painful, the subjacent muscles become rigid, deep matting of the tissue becomes perceptible, and in a few days a collection of pus forms in the ileo-csecal region. The ctose of the green iodide, in the case of the earlier Syphilides, sliould be from a quarter of a "philippines" grain to half a grain given thrice or twice a day in the form of a pill. The transformation into Graafian follicles of these epithelial masses is completed, however, mask in the third year of life. An lash active peritonitis was kindled by a forcible dilatation of the cervix.

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