Aug 17

Week 1: SquadGuru Top Picks

SquadGuru Week 1 Top Picks

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Here are our top picks for week 1. As most of us were not aware of Snodgrass’s groin issues, we also selected him in our team. Our main struggle was between Lukaku and Torres, where we opted for Lukaku in the end as Torres was flying out from the Equador friendly last night.

On the data side, we also had some issues gathering data for newly promoted teams. Hopefully next week, we’ll have sorted out these niggles. However, improvements to our algorithms have meant that we were able to enter teams  in a number of leagues including ESPN, The Daily Mail, and the Telegraph.

Aug 16

Week 1: Here we go again!

The 2013/2014 season promises to be an exciting league with the return of Mourinho, the arrival of Moyes at Manchester United, and the shenanigans of Suarez at Liverpool…. all the right things to confuse an artificial football manager like SquadGuru… or so you would think…

We’ve been working hard over the last few months to fine tune the SquadGuru from the previous year to help our fantasy football fans. As we are working up till the last minute, we are going to update the following list of players the SquadGuru expects to perform well this week in the Fantasy Premier league.