Oct 19

Week 8: SquadGuru Top Picks

And there you go, as we said in week 3, Lukaku was kicked out once the Guru had learnt that it was not going to play much for Chelsea… Now Lukaku is back in our team having performed so well for Everton. With Southampton up against Manchester United at home and Liverpool against Newcastle, the Guru predicts wins by ManU and Liverpool, and hence arranged swaps accordingly.

In the FPL

  • In: Lukaku
  • Out:  Lambert

In the Telegraph, we see:

  • In: Lukaku
  • Out: Soldado

On a side note, in the short term Telegraph Weekender league, the Guru advises putting Suarez and Sturridge up front…. Let’s see if that makes the break into the top 100 in the league! (The Guru is currently at 585th in the overall weekender league).

Sep 29

Week 6: SquadGuru Top Picks

This week sees most teams having done away with the tough matches from the first 5 game weeks. Also, with the many transfers between teams and new players coming in, the variability in the makeup of the league will make it harder  to predict what’s going to come next. The difficulty stems from the fact that the SquadGuru, not only uses team v/s team performance analysis but also individual player analysis. And if a team’s players have (not) performed well in earlier matches against top teams, this will be reflected in our predictions for the upcoming fixtures with weaker teams.

This week the top pick was:

Out: Walcott

In: Young