Nov 04

Week 10: SquadGuru Top Picks

Week 10 was a crazy week for all types of predictions… Chelsea losing and Man City scoring 7 goals.. This is the kind of variability that is hard to predict and learn for. Unfortunately, this means the Guru got its best swap slightly wrong but, hopefully, its long-term predictive capability will mean a much better performance next week.

The swap last week was:

In: Mutch

Out: Taarabt

Oct 28

Week 9: SquadGuru Top Picks

Week 9 saw quite a few surprise results. The Guru predicted a top performance for Arsenal which led to the following swap:

In: Aaron Ramsey

Out: Ashley Young

We’ve also decided to stop tracking ESPN scores from now on as prices change in ways our engine cannot take advantage of right now. We will aim to do so for the second half of the season.