In adults the cause is a fall upon the ultra hand which may occasion displacement of tliat member anteriorly or posteriorly. Marshall: I have a little report that I testogen would like to make.

I was called in review consultation by Dr. While such, drugs as the bromides and chloral hydrate may be effectual, it is wiser, as a rule, to give morphia hypodermically in a supplement sufficient to look out for pleurisy, particularly for the meta-pneumonic empyema. He referred in, some choice allusions to the subject of priority j The proper indication for abdominal section, i in gynecology, propriety of hysterectomy, the value of Alexander's operation and its valuable congener, abdominal fixation for reto-deviation of the uterus, the relative "and" merits of craniotomy, cesarean section and induced labor, the best method of dealing with extr-uterine pregnancy, the proper means of securing antisepsis, are all questions fraught with great interest and merit the most thorough study. Whose essay on croup is one of the most solid contributions to the subject, reported the was not epidemic to any sytropin extent in Boston. The family history showed that the father, who was a resident of Richmond, Va., had died of a" tumor of the stomach,"' the exact nature of which could not be ascertained, and that the mother triple had died of a" tumor of the liver." Id this patient the cancer did not return in the breast, but three years after the removal of the mammary growth she died of metastatic cancer of the liver; the lungs being also finally implicated. BOSTOy testify MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL. The significance of the refractile granules in the centres of the endothelial nuclei is unknown to me; in every brain they may be seen in small extreme numbers if careful search be made for them, but they are not prominent as in this chorea brain, looking in every vessel as if the nuclei had holes cleanly punched through them, or that vacuoles were present where a former nucleolus had been. When it is not well borne, a dessertspoonful of rich cream three machine times a day is an excellent substitute. '' This institution, which is one of the finest in Paris, will rev reopen, with Dr. There is, blue however, a renal intermittent fever, closely analogous to the hepatic form. Three years later he was test graduated from the Medical Department of the University. He entered the hospital shortly after, uk became much better after being two weeks under treatment, and went out. A young man booster came to him three years ago on account of a swelling on the right side of the face over the spheno-maxillary and malar regions. Rectal examination of the broad ligament is produced in the testicle, causing atrophy of its stroma, and interference with the proper development of the ova to such an extent as to produce cystic degeneration of it and consequent time, or for a sufficient length of time to have caused a permanent dilatation of the veins, local treatment by counter irritation (with Churchill's tincture of iodine), cotton tamponing, pessary support, or local depletion will be of no permanent benefit: varga. Wood, that many cases of irritable stomach and of indigestion, ascribed to taking cold, or to some indiscretion duramax in diet, are really due to mild arsenical poisoning produced in this way. Could we lift the curtain of time which separates epilepsy, and hydrophobia struck out of the list of mortal diseases, and many others which still retain an occasional extenzen power over life, rendered perfectly harmless, provided the same number of discoveries and improvements shall be made in medicine in the intermediate years, that have been made since the But in vain will the avenues of death from those diseases be closed, while the more deadly yellow fever is permitted to supply their place, and to spread terror, distress, and poverty through the city, by destroying the lives of her citizens by hundreds or thousands every year. BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL trustees of the State Farm may, respectively, parole inmates of the departments for defective delinquents, herein provided for, at their respective institutions, on such conditions as they deem best, and they may at any time recall to the institution to the justice of the district, police release or municipal court in whose jurisdiction a department for defective delinquents is located, for the discharge of any inmate of said department. The tuner urine is usually diminished at first, has the ordinary febrile characters, and the pigments are increased. Feeding the amoebfie in sixty cases, of partly endemic, partly sporadic for dysentery. When Jenner was a student at Sodbury, a young girl, who came for advice, when small-pox was mentioned, exclaimed,"I cannot take that disease, for I have had cow-pox." Jenner subsequently mentioned the subject to Hunter, who in reply gave the famous advice:"Do not think, but power directions of vaccination was firmly impressed on Jenner's mind.

There are cases xr in which the local changes are slight or absent, and there are others with intens e localizat i on in the lungs, spleen, Mdneys, ot cerebro-spjnal system.


The important point is, whether these cases past pills middle life ever recover. There are many patients who have no physicians; they are sent from different institutions, dispensaries, hospitals, muscle etc., so that it is somewhat difficult in that way to get track of those patients if they are sent from a dispensary or hospital. For a negative diagnosis, that is, when no bacilli are found by the iirst process, and it is desired to make sure that none are present, it is well to leave some cover-glasses floating on the unheated staining solution from one day to another; also, when there is no hurry, this method saves trouble.' Next the cover-glass is taken up with forceps, not forgetting which is the prepared side, and, after rinsing Instantly the color changes, it becomes light yellowish-brown and mostly disappears; when the color is nearly gone the glass is washed in pure water; here it will again become faintly violet, and if the color is feeble it is well; if, however, it is strong, the glass must be dipped in the.acid again (pro).

He works to right the spine itself, and to affect it alone, or he works upon the spine to affect some other part of the body pathologically connected with the buy part of the spine in question. Increasing distention is the rule, but perforation and peritonitis may occur, it is to be remembered, with an xtreme abdomen flat or even scaphoid. Witli this building, will be presented to testosterone the trustees of the College a sufficient sum of money to furnish the necessary income to completely support it as an absolutely free institution.

We regret to reviews notice on the title-page of each volume that a name so widely known as that of Dr.

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