As commonly used, the word is unfortunately chosen; for by analogy with words of similar composition, it should imply a discharge abnormal in char acter and excessive in amount; whereas, it is used with reference to the simple overflow of a perfectly normal secretion, whose apparent excess is and due merely to the stimulation of the genital function, by the patient's habit of thought, creating a supply beyond that for which his social relations have provided adequate relief. Anterior chamber normal; texture methylprednisolone of the iris not affected pathologically. For many years I had great difficulty and annoyance in the matter of pouring the children tepid water, as it involved so much wet and slop about the room, not to speak of the soiling and wetting of the bed clothes. In place of the loss of blood, we have the exhibition of stimulants; in place of a system of almost starvation, liquid we have the careful use of nutriment. Prior to the passing of the late amendments, it was optional with physicians whether they registered or not, but, as a matter of fact, most of those carrying on drug of stores really did so for the benefit of their apprentices, who would otherwise have been debarred from recognition of service by the College of Pharmacy.

The abdomen was distended and tympanitic, with marked tenderness over the pelvic region, especially in the left iliac fossa: prednisolone.

Three inoculations were made with matter from one of the thighs from the pustules formed harga after the last inoculations. It would not be unprofitable for a surgeon to undergo an apprenticeship in a mechanic's workshop where his instructor could explain the cycloidal and epicycloidal lines upon which his gear wheels must be formed, or allow him to experience directly the very disastrous results of the slightest neglect in manipulating those very exact little dealers, effects machines. What is congestion of the lungs? And he goes on to say: If by congestion of the lungs is meant pneumonia, then let a spade be called a spade, and in the name of pathology, of honesty, and of common sense let the term congestion side be discarded. The latter destroys by spasmodic contraction; the former, when sodium taken alone, paralyzes, and consequently neutralizes the action of strychnia, if given after that poison. In another way I have endeavoured to improve the treatment of aneurism, by showing that the artery at the seat of rupture is what not necessarily unable to bear a ligature, and that, therefore, in cases where the Ilunterian. He acetate did not think the operation of ureterectomy is called for, except when extensive suppuration or whei tuberculosis exists. Pouteau, was not generally accepted, and even when Colles published a brief account of the condition in "kela" The Ediiibiirgli Medical and Surgical Journal in April, surgeons, who assigned to it his name. In dogs two of my cases the flow was very free until the cervix was caught, when it One other consideration deserves mention. A RATIONAL METHOD OF OBTAINING The employment of traction in affections of the spine is not of recent origin, horizontal couches provided with means for stretching the spinal column having been in in vogue long anterior to the use of suspension, but the comparatively recent re-introduction of the latter principle has given it a new impetus, and traction in a straight line is now not only generally advised in the treatment of deformative conditions and diseases of the column, but also for the mechanical treatment of diseased conditions of the spinal cord itself.

They constitute Sections the city has been governed for fifteen years, and were From present indications the local committee of arrangements looks for not less than two thousand members at the meeting of the American Medical Association in this city cats next June.

How many are there of drops the members of the Association who would agree to their money going in that direction? Our Association is not a therapeutical or physiological society. The possibility of mg the appearance of less sensitive viruses in man must be borne in mind when treating patients. MoREAU has been publishing is some interesting papers on Hysterical Mania, Epilepsy, etc., in L' Union Medicate. The first (recorded in lull in the Chicago Medi man badly bitten on the hand, twelve hours before I saw eye him.

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