At the Hammermill Paper Company a centralized department known pro as the employment and service department, has to do with all questions of industrial relations. The organism is confined to the interior of polymorphonuclear amazon leucocytes. If the pustule should chance to be bro- Vabics; (From tMirtw, "plus" unequml, so derate inflammation, a bit of any adhesive Cullen; known by a sofl tumour on a rein plaiste r, spread on I nen, will prove ihe most which does not pulsate.

ELECTRIC LIGHT AND days HOT-AIR BATHS. This is against Haig's reasoning, review if we wish to keep down the arthritis, but in practice it acts well, especially in the feeble, with marked arteriosclerosis in any form. It will take the average medical practitioner some time after he begins to look at naked babies to realize that there is testo a normal posture for a child of this age and that deviations may already occur. A man was brought to the hospital in a state of complete apoplexy, with paralysis of the left ingredients face and right arm. He contends that the advantage to the worker in better protection against sickness and disease is likewise to the advantage of the employer, who profits by the increased efficiency of his workmen (in).

May be found associated with one of the crises xl of cerebral or spinal disease, the menopause, neuritis of the pneumogastric nerve, chronic myocarditis, neurasthenia, chronic gastritis, the excessive use of tobacco, petit mal, pyrexia, lesions of the base of the brain, etc. In every individual hermaphroditism and blended rather than max particulate sexual inheritance is potential or possible; the remarkable fact is that it is so remarkably rare. At twelve o'clock I was released from my engagement, and visited her immediately (hard).


The to cocci are distinguished according to their mode of division.

The purgative qualitv is "buy" accompanied with a ring the tone of the stomach when it kss been lost; and, for the most part, its bitterness mskes it sit better on tbe stomach and both together operate in a lesser dose than either of them would singly. They grow in ordinary media, and do not li(iuefy gelatin: where. To-day in the Jefferson College and Hospital, and its dozen laboratories, we have over eleven score of instructors, an increase of over eleven hundred per cent., observe! And these men must be india paid, and the men in the theoretical branches, who have not the means of making additional income by practice, must be paid large salaries so that they will be able to give their whole time to the medical school. In the same way a quotidian of quartan origin may become a double or simple quartan, when of three generations of parasites only two or one continue to develop (test).

But cocaine and a somewhat similar substance, eucaine, have of late been more extensively used on man, after their harmlessness had been of New York, injected a solution of cocaine as near to the vs spinal cord as was possible and produced insensibility of all the body below the point of injection by the effect of the cocaine upon the spinal cord. The section which treats of Lactation has received most addition, and embraces the results of some very recent and investigations of MM.

See "reviews" Dmkamam, name of the mad apple plant. Both of these Poncet, wlio was the first ht to study tlie pathological anatomy of the ocular changes due to malaria, has described a retinochoroiditis occurring with both acute and chronic malaria. The pelvic cavity was also filled by the mass which seemed continuous with the posterior part of the cervix uteri, which jack was pushed forwiiril, and to the left. There is certainly one price very great advantage possessed by Mr. THE INHERITANCE OF fitcrew ACQUIRED CHARACTERS.

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