The Research

SquadGuru is an artificial fantasy football manager designed by researchers in the Agents, Interaction, and Complexity Group at the University of Southampton. SquadGuru runs through a set of statistics, and predicts outcomes of future matches and lineups in order to form fantasy football teams.

As detailed in this paper published at one of the top AI conferences this year, SquadGuru has been shown to come in the top 1 percent of the players in the 2010/2011 league without any human input.

The SquadGuru project is funded by the ORCHID Programme which is a research project looking at the scientific foundations of Human-Agent collectives. Indeed, many of the principles and theories developed under the ORCHID project, primarily aimed at helping emergency responders coordinate, are used within SquadGuru to optimise team performance. Check out these videos to find out how we are flying Unmanned Aerial Vehicles using some of our techniqes.

The team

Tim Matthews  Tim Matthews Dr Sarvapali D. Ramchurn  Sarvapali Ramchurn
Georgios Chalkiadakis  Georgios Chalkiadakis Francois Jean
EPSRC University of Southampton The Orchid Research Project